Celebrate Recovery

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Pastors Rod & Mary Aguillard

Founding Pastors & Celebrate Recovery Pastors

Rod Aguillard was born of the spirit in 1968, and called by a vision into the ministry in 1969. He attended and graduated from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 1973.

He and his wife Mary pastored Reserve Christian Church in Reserve, LA. for thirty-seven years. In January 2007, he turned the local work over to his youngest son, Stephen Aguillard. Reserve Church is now LifeHouse Church and it is a growing Full Gospel congregation of approximately 180 families with an emphasis on cell ministry and the discipleship model.

At present, Bro. Rod is the Senior Overseer of the Network of Related Pastors. He is fathering and mentoring pastors in the vision for the final harvest; loving and strengthening pastors through the storms of life and ministry; raising up fathers (30) to pastor pastors; helping to raise up an Elisha generation of sons and daughters to usher in the power of God and the second coming of our Lord; and called to be a voice of righteousness and moral reformation into the key areas of our culture. NRP has an apostolic team of eleven members who are pastoring, mentoring, and uniting pastors for the final harvest in their communities, cities, and regions beyond.

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