Women's Pastor

Pastor Laura Aguillard

Woman's Pastor

I am married to the second love of my life, Stephen Aguillard. We have 5 beautiful children here on the earth and one waiting on us in heaven.

The first love and passion of my life is Jesus. The goal of my life is to search out His beauty and majesty, to walk in true intimacy with Him, to represent Him rightly, and hasten His return.

I dream of a Bride unified of ones that long to search Him out, understand His emotions, and will not love their lives even unto death, and to partner with Him to bring forth His dream in the earth. A tribe of all ages marked with the first commandment on their hearts. I live for this. I was born for this…

Join us everyday at noon on instagram at pink.incense where women share their hearts and the word of God.

I am His and He is mine, in every season and I’m living for the day He comes again and stays!

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